ZR Southcombe

ZR Southcombe (Zee) is a creator of many wonderous treasures. She is an extremely passionate author, illustrator, editor, artist, educator, and inspiration maker.

Her body of work comprises of fantasy-adventure chapter books, a magical wordless picture book & matching wall frieze, the (wo)manpower zine series and DIY Zine Kit, colouring books, several paintings & illustrations, the NZ Young Writers' Anthology, a number of colouring page commissions, and now her first non-fiction book, I am an Artist.

Zee loves inspiring young (and young-at-heart) with her optimism, energy, and example. She aims to "do projects that promote and encourage other artists - especially children - to play, explore, and express themselves, in their own creative journeys.” (You can help her do so here)

“With a passion for all things creative, Zee shares her experience of the world through word and image. Boundless imagination combined with a deep desire to understand the world and our place in it make for innovative, intriguing and inspiring creations.”

- zrsouthcombe.com

At the risk of overusing adjectives, Zee’s stories are charming, fanciful, delightful, exuberant, captivating, and just downright enjoyable.

Her children’s chapter books have received glowing reviews from both children and adults.

When I started reading The Caretaker of Imagination, Zee had me at “Fluffbutt the cat.” As an adult the characters and events constantly made me smile, and I could completely imagine my 10 year old self loving the humour and being swept away in the adventure.

“This book is like no other, I couldn’t put it down, definitely one for the bookshelf!”

- Ella - aged 12

Two of Zee’s works were finalists for the Best Youth Novel category in the 2016 Sir Julius Vogel Awards, and she has exhibited in Auckland Art Week and the Auckland Arts Festival.


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